Please Note:

Topsail Village Condominium Association does not rent, lease, or sell any units. There are no mandatory rental pooling agreements, no restrictions on use of management companies, and no restrictions on an owner's ability to occupy a unit (there are restrictions on the number of occupants, etc., as per the condo documents).

TopSail Village Condominium Association Inc.

Condo Documents:

Addendum to Leases:

Balconies and Patio Rules:


Pet Rules:

Swimming Pool Rules:

Parking Areas:




Speed Limit:

Noise and Disturbances:


Fines for Violating Rules:

The condominium documents allow for the TopSail Village Association to fine owners/tenants who violate the above rules. Fines of $100 a day up to $1000 until the violation is corrected. The Association will require Eviction of any resident or tenant repeatedly disregarding and violating the rules of TopSail Village. If the tenant has caused the owner/unit to be fined, this fine can be taken out of a tenant's security deposit. Fines will automatically be levied after one notice.

TopSail Village Association Manager: Alice Pauls 850-685-5889